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  • Can I use these instruments in drinking water?

    Yes. Several instruments by Keller America have all been certified to NSF 61 and NSF 372 standards for use in drinking water applications.

    For submersible drinking water level measurement applications, Keller America offers the Acculevel, Acculevel SDI, and Levelgage. The standard cable and sealing materials (XLPE + EPDM) for these instruments have been tested and approved. Other configurations of these instruments untilizing other construction materials may be used in other submersible level applications including those involving chemical or hydrocarbon measurement.

    In addition, Keller America's Valueline, Preciseline, and Preciseline SDI pressure transmitters have been approved to the same NSF 61 and 372 standards for use in drinking water. As with the submersibles, these intstruments are also very well suited to other pressure measurement applications, though no special materials are required as their wetted materials are either 316L stainless steel or titanium.
  • How do I wire my Keller transmitter?

    Keller wiring differs from other instrumentation. Unless otherwise specified, Keller wiring is as follows:
    For Keller analog transmitters with 4-20mA output:
    Supply Voltage (+Vcc): Black
    Output / Ground: White

    For Keller analog transmitters with voltage output (i.e. 0-5V, 0-10V, etc.):
    Supply Voltage (+Vcc): Black
    Ground: White
    +Signal Output: Red

    For Keller transmitters that include RS485 digital output:
    Supply Voltage (+Vcc): Black
    Ground: White
    RS485A: Blue
    RS485B: Yellow

    Some models are equipped with SDI-12 outputs which utilize a different wiring schematic. For those devices:
    Supply Voltage (+Vcc): Red
    SDI-12 Signal: White
    Ground: Black

    For your convenience, the Keller wiring scheme is included on product labels (printed and engraved), product datasheets, and in the User's Guide that is shipped with each Keller America transmitter. It is also available online here.
  • Why does my new transmitter read close to full scale when first connected?

    The new Keller smart circuit automatically tests supply power up to 22.5mA. If input power cannot provide 22.5mA, the transmitter output will hold at the maximum available current. If this happens, it will be necessary to increase available supply voltage to the transmitter, or reduce the total system draw. For more information on supply voltage requirements, click here.
  • What are the default digital communication settings for applicable Keller transmitters?

    By default Keller transmitters are set to 8 data bits, 1 start bit & 1 stop bit with no parity. The baud rate is 9600 by default (it can be changed to 115,200 baud). The default MODBUS address is 1. However, device address 250 is a transparent address, a sort of 'catch-all'. If only one transmitter is connected to the bus, this address can be used to communicate with the device without knowing the device’s actual address. If more transmitters are to be used on a bus you should change the address of each using READ30/CCS30, or specify this when you place your order.
  • How can I network several digital instr to communicate over a single interface?

  • I am using a 3rd party RS485 converter, how can I get it to work with READ30?

    Try disabling 'echo' in READ30. You can do this on the communications panel that first opens when you launch READ30. This will solve most communication problems with 3rd party interface converters. However, you should contact the manufacturer of the interface converter if you have further issues configuring the device to communicate with our transmitters. Alternatively you can use one of our own interface converters for guaranteed functionality with other Keller devices.
  • How do I clear the memory on my data logging device?

    There is no way to manually clear or erase the memory of a Keller data-logger, nor is it necessary to do so. By default our data loggers will use all available memory until full capacity is reached, then once the data is extracted using the Logger DCX software the device will overwrite this old data as necessary. However, if the option 'Endless (circular memory)' is used in the Logger DCX software then the device will keep writing new data, while over writting the oldest data, until logging is stopped.
  • Does Keller America offer discounts for resale customers?

    Yes. Keller America offers discounts to resale customers based on annual purchase quantities. For more information please contact our sales department at 877-253-5537 or email sales@kelleramerica.com.
More Questions?

More FAQ'S to come soon! In the meantime please do not hesitate to contact us if you need further assistance!