Level and Pressure Measurement


OEM Sensors, Transducers, and Transmitters

OEM Sensors, Transducers, and Transmitters

Keller is the world's largest independent manufacturer of media-isolated, piezoresistive pressure sensors, producing in excess of 1 million units every year. Keller sensors are produced in three basic configurations: gauge pressure sensors, absolute pressure sensors and sealed gauge pressure sensors. Each of these types benefits from over 30 years of continuous development in our ISO9000:2001-accredited headquarters. Optimized mechanical packaging insures effective media isolation without degrading performance. A large percentage of OEM sensors produced by Keller are used in our own pressure transducers and pressure transmitters, so Keller understands the OEM viewpoint. Keller's designs cover a broad spectrum of applications, from medical vascular intervention systems to down hole oil tools. Whatever the requirement, Keller can provide the solution!


Pressure Transmitters

Keller's extensive lineup of pressure sensors, pressure transducers and pressure transmitters includes an extensive selection of above-ground models, all utilizing advanced piezoresistive pressure sensor technology. From general purpose industrial pressure sensors to automotive pressure sensors and transducers to high-flying precision pressure transducers for commercial and military aviation applications, Keller can provide an engineered solution for most pressure measurement problems. Econoline, Valueline and Preciseline transmitters are assembled to order in the US, enabling standard 3-day delivery from our Newport News, VA facility. Other models are produced at our headquarters in Northern Switzerland.

Submersible Level Transmitters

Submersible Level Transmitters

Keller submersible level transmitters are known for their superior reliability, reasonable cost, and ready availability. They feature small size and integral signal conditioning, simplifying installation anywhere quality liquid level sensors are needed. Most commonly deployed as submersible water level sensors, Keller submersible level transmitters also can be used as tank level gauges. They are frequently paired with a compatible display/control system for use as a general purpose water level indicator or as a water level controller.

Water Level Loggers

Autonomous Water Level Loggers

A perfect marriage of proven pressure sensor technology and advanced microprocessor-based electronics, our DCX family of water level loggers is ideal for shallow or deep well water logging applications. Combining a water level logger with a temperature data logger, these instruments are designed and constructed to provide years of trouble-free service under the most demanding conditions. Data capture is accomplished by periodic data transfer to a laptop or Pocket PC (Windows CE) or, for remote installations, by GSM modem technology. Keller's DCX family of submersible water level and temperature data loggers are up to the task.

Pressure Gauges

Digital Pressure Gauges

Keller digital pressure gauges (a.k.a. digital manometers) are a cost-effective solution in any pressure monitoring scenario where a local display is required. Features include min/max display, selectable units, 5 kHz scan rate for transient capture and data recording. These Swiss-built instruments are commonly used as fuel pressure gauges, water pressure gauges and oil pressure gauges. Almost any installation previously utilizing mechanical or hydraulic pressure gauges can benefit from an upgrade to Keller technology. Manufactured 100% in-house, Keller products incorporate advanced pressure sensor technology combined with the latest in microprocessor-based electronics, resulting in outstanding performance over a wide temperature range at reasonable cost. Whether troubleshooting hydraulics systems or setting up an air-suspension on a military vehicle, Keller digital pressure gauges make the job easier, and they last!


Digital Indicators

A simple pressure measurement system can be configured from a Keller pressure transmitter and one of our digital pressure indicator/power supplies. Our digital indicators are available for operation from DC or AC supply, provide a DC supply to the pressure transmitter and display the transmitter output. The display units can be chosen and scaled according to the specific transmitter in use. Certain models repeat the analog transmitter output and other models accept an RS485 digital output from transmitters so equipped. Also available are models with output relays and high-low alarm capability.


Pressure Calibrators

Keller produces many complementary accessories that enhance the usability of our pressure transmitters, including portable pressure calibrators, complete with digital pressure indicators and hand-operated low and high pressure pumps. Available in ranges from vacuum to 700 bar, these calibrators are completely self-contained and can provide power to the transmitter being calibrated, making possible field calibrations in remote locations where power is not available. Specific versions also include a datalogging function, enabling the technician to retain a record of actual data that can be subsequently downloaded and made a part of the permanent calibration record.


Pressure Pumps

Among the many complementary accessories that enhance the usability of our pressure measurement products are our low, medium and high pressure pumps. These pumps can be used in conjunction with a secondary standard to provide accurate calibration pressures ranging from vacuum to 700 bar. Low and medium pressure pumps utilize air as the fluid and high pressure versions utilize inert calibration oil. All pumps include a fine adjust feature to enable precise pressure settings.


Interface Converters

Many Keller pressure transmitters are now offered with modified RS485 digital communication capability. Keller provides several optional interface converters which facilitate the easy startup and use of these transmitters. Converters typically include cabling and in some cases, a transmitter power supply. Converters are available for connection to RS232 serial or USB ports. Versatile software is also included that enables setting the zero point, scaling, readout of temperature as well as pressure and even datalogging and display. Your Keller sales engineer will be pleased to discuss your specific needs regarding our interface converters.


Optional Accessories

Keller America offers a variety of optional accessories designed to enhance versatility, simplify the installation, and increase the longevity of your Keller pressure or level transmitter. If you have any questions, or would like to discuss your particular application in more detail, contact Keller America today!