Level and Pressure Measurement

Custom Pressure Solutions by KELLER

Keller’s proudest accomplishments stem from opportunities to create innovative pressure measurement products designed in concert with our customers who have unique requirements… special ranges, output signals, non-standard materials, extreme temperature influences, even custom physical forms…we work together to provide quality custom pressure instruments ready for installation.

With this fundamental goal, Keller America is home to a fully equipped machine shop under the direction of talented engineers, designers, and machinists with decades of experience to take these unique requirements from theoretical to conceptual to available in a short amount of time. This rapid prototype capability gives Keller the flexibility to adapt to dynamic situations and shifting application requirements.

If yours is an application with requirements not fully met by the Keller catalog and would like to explore the possibilities of customized products, we encourage you to provide as much detail as possible to our engineering department here.

Keller would be proud to number yours among our most creative and innovation solutions.

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